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    The National Unity Day was commemorated on 31st October, 2020, by the college by conducting a webinar for the students of the college on the topic ‘United we stand’. The IQAC in collaboration with the NSS/YRC/RRC units of the college initiated the event in remembrance of Sardar Vallabai Patel’s birthday which the central government of India has declared as the National Unity Day.  The Guest Speaker for the webinar session was Dr. R. N. Kalpana Devi, Vice Principal and NSS program Officer, Avichi College of Arts and Science, Virugumbakkam. The Speaker gave an inspirational talk on how or country was united with the efforts of many great leaders during independence. One such leader was Sardar Vallabai Patel who was instrumental for the Unity of the country. The students took an official oath of the National Unity Day at the end of the session. The Event was a grand success and the participants left the meeting with a patriotic feel.

    The IQAC created a video on the occasion of The National Unity Day. The Importance of the Day was narrated in the video presentation. The students took an oath for the Unity Day and the video was circulated among all the students through Whatup groups and in the classroom app. This brought the student community together even if they are all apart due to the pandemic. The Unity Day united the students through the online medium.