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    A National Level Awareness Webinar was organised by the Health Club in collaboration with the IQAC on the concept of COVID19, as it is the need of the hour on the 30th of June, 2020. Two Resource persons from the Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Government of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Maria Arputhasamy and Mr. Y. Isaac Arul Kumar created an awareness about the COVID 19 pandemic. They explained about how and when this spread started and how each of us should be mindful of how to overcome and fight this global pandemic.

    The Various ways to prevent the spread among the society was taught by the district educators and they also narrated the ways that the government has adopted to bring down the spread of the viral pandemic.

    The Audience had several questions that they wanted to clarify for which the speakers patiently answered all doubts. The session ended with a sense of gratitude to the speakers for sparing their time to create this awareness among the audience of the webinar session organised.