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    The Department of Microbiology of St.Anne’s Arts and Science college students attended One day awareness programme on “ Fostering Research Culture Among Students under DST - SERB SSR Policy” organized by the Central University Laboratory, Centre for Animal Health Studeis,  TANUVAS Tamilnadu on 30.10.23 from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

    The students along with the staff members visited the facilities of Central University Laboratory, Vaccine Research Centre - Bacterial Vaccine, Viral Vaccine, Zoonotic Research laboratory and Veterinary Incubation Foundation.

    The awareness program started by Dr. G.Balakrishnan, Head Department of Animal Health Studies, he enlightened the students about the activities in the university followed by Presidential address Dr.C.Soundararajan, Director, Centre for Animal Health Studies he congratulate the department and explained why they are conducting the awareness program and the activities of Incubation Foundation.