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    19.08.2020 - INAUGURATION FOR 2020 -2023 BATCH STUDENTS

    The Official inauguration of the new batch of students was held on 19th August 2020 in the Google Classroom platform. As the world is digitalizing, the learning too takes up the digital version to the traditional methods. The new comers were given an overall view about the college, teaching, rules and regulations. The staff members posted recorded videos to different classes in stipulated time and checked the student’s presence through attendance mechanism in Google classroom, all the official communication will reach the students through Whatsapp messenger official group.  An exclusive video about Rev. Mother. Leema Rosario, chairman of the college was uploaded and Rev. Mother conveyed her wishes and blessings to the first-year students. The college principal and the Dean of College Development addressed the students through recorded videos. The full day was dedicated towards orienting the students towards college education and digital learning platform. The college received many positive comments from the first day orientation session.