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    Tally course has been conducted during the even semester of 2019-2020.  Lockdown has been imposed in the month of March and Tally Course Exam is rescheduled on December 30, 2020 after partial relaxation of lockdown for the college students.  A total of 39 students have attended the Online Tally Exam.  The exam duration is 1 hour and contains 60 MCQ questions.  Exam has been conducted in four batches maintaining standard operating procedure issued by Government of India for the colleges.  The computer lab has been sanitized prior to the exam and after each use.  Students have been seated 6 feet apart from each other.  Temperature is recorded and hands are sanitized before entering into the lab.  We made sure the students wear their mask inside the lab.   For students outside Tamil Nadu, the exam was conducted via online from their residing place.