Annites Mission of Education

St.Anne’s Arts and Science College

St.Anne’s Arts and Science College at Madavaram carries on the proud tradition of our education ministry that began in the 19th century continued in the 20th and is now firmly established in the new millennium.

It provides the opportunity for holistic higher education to the young girls in and around Madavaram to face the challenges of the society confidently.

The new college building combined with the superb array of specialist equipment, exciting and integrated curriculum and wonderful staff provides a tremendous learning environment for current and future students.

St. Anne’s Arts and Science College at Madavaram work towards translating the vision of our foundress to reality and strive to empower the young and build a just Society.


To provide humanizing and liberalizing education so as to form responsible citizens who in solidarity with others will create a just Society

Explanation: We empower the marginalized through our education ministry so that they can enjoy their God-given dignity. We cater increasingly to the poor and give preference both in giving admission and in employment for the Dalits and Tribals. We enable the students to creative thinking for themselves independently; to seek, extend and apply knowledge to the solution of human problems; to continually strive after excellence in every field; to be clear and firm on principles and courageous in action; to be unselfish in the service of their fellowmen and concerned for the welfare of the poor and socially oppressed; and to become agents of needed social change in their own situations.


  • To empower youth with knowledge, skills and competence
  • To provide the students with opportunities to understand the present society and critically analyze its structures
  • To form their character and personality.
  • To mould them into socially responsible youth.
  • To enable them create a more humane and harmonious society.
  • To produce world class leaders with a difference.
  • To create integrated and visionary leaders.


Academic Excellence

Through science, humanities and commerce, students who enter the portals of this institution shall acquire sound and thorough knowledge in academics and be competent in intellectual pursuit and become preferred personnel by any organization.

Personal and Interpersonal Skills

To facilitate in discovering their potentials, develop their talents and aesthetic sense, to inculcate soft skills that would be helpful for healthy and harmonious interpersonal relationship and teamwork. To cultivate sincere respect for the essential dignity, freedom and equality of every person.

Spiritual Pursuit

The extracurricular activities shall provide the youth knowledge of world religions and the society and shape them into citizens who are morally sound and have personal conviction, deep compassion, competence and commitment, to the larger world community.

The Coat of Arms

The coat of Arms of the college consists of a shield divided into four quarters with a open book in the centre. The burning light and the star stand for the education imparted in the college which challenges the students to live upto the motto “Towards fullness through Excellence & Relevance"