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    08.03.2024 - WOMENS DAY CELEBRATION 2024

    The Women’s Day celebration kick started with competitions such as Dress up like women leaders, Cook Without Fire and Rangoli on the 08 March 2024 organised by the Women Empowerment Club. The Students from various departments unleashed their culinary skills and celebrate women’s achievement through beautiful Rangoli. The competition aimed to provide a platform for students to showcase their leadership quality, artistic skills and express themselves through cooking unique foods without using fire. Participants were encouraged to let loose their creativity and they created stunning artwork of cooking as well as Rangoli.  Through this event, the Women Empowerment Club aimed to promote self-expression, boost confidence, and foster a sense of empowerment among the participants. A panel of judges evaluated the competition based on creativity, technique, and overall presentation. The winners were recognized for their exceptional talent. The student continued to enjoy the day adorned in grand sarees.