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Our Seminar Hall is named as Sacred Heart Hall by the name it shows the purity of our hearts. It was named after our former Superior General, a dreamer of St.Anne's College of Madavaram. The Seminar Hall holds 150 people. The college offers individual seating furniture for students and staff. Our halls are fitted with state-of-the-art technical equipment (LCD projector, Wi-Fi, simultaneous interpreting and interactive PowerPoint facilities).  This hall is Air-conditioned. The features of the AC is OG with 2ton, bs, 3hw24fbtu, split air-conditioner it is surprisingly quick operation, Quick cooling, Anti-bacterial filter, Rotary compressor. This room is perfect for lectures, seminars and film screenings. It is a center for knowledge acquisition since right ambiance is created with a computer system with internet facility, a sound system and speakers.   

        Instead of sitting passively through lectures, students are now able to interact with their peers, answer questions to quizzes in real time via their laptops and wireless technology. The seating levels are designed so that students' chairs can easily swivel, allowing students to engage in small-group discussions when collaboration is required by a classroom assignment. Wireless technology in the room also allows students to respond to questions posed by an instructor in real time; these responses can then be viewed on the large screen at the front of the room to further classroom discussion. Seminar Hall is a place where most of the academic activities happen. It attracts students to flock together to share, discuss and explore knowledge in their areas of learning.