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Smt.M.R.Benedictkumari M.Sc., M.Ed.,M.Phil.,



As a Dean of St. Annes Arts and Science College,

I welcome you all.

The life of our Foundress Mother Thatipatri Gnanamma, Servant of God inspires us to commit ourselves for educating the youth especially woman of the world to take their dynamic place as leaders in the universal community. We understand that educating women is the most effective way to reform the society.The motto of Annites Mission of Education is Towards fullness through excellence and relevance

Ensuring quality higher education is

one of the most important things

we can do for future generations.

 St. Annes Arts and Science College has the power to transform lives by adopting emerging technology and create curiosity-driven knowledge and research, to kindle and form new outlook and ideas that can help in shaping the world.

The vision of St. Annes Arts and Science College is to institute it as the prominent educational abode for higher education. To be a top-notch institute in creating an environment where students succeed and gain not only comprehensive education which spans the sciences, arts and commerce but also establish themselves as socially responsible youths.

At St. Annes Arts & Science College our focus is on expanding ways of thinking and perceiving the world in order to fully realize the potential of each of our students. Hence we provide excellent infrastructure, laboratories, library facilities and opportunities to hone their skills and competencies.

The curriculum highlights the attainment of knowledge, understanding, critical and creative thinking abilities for all the students attending our college. Our rigorous classroom curriculum and practical learning experience provide students well rounded education and make them career ready professionals.

We believe that every student is distinctive and that they all have the ability to succeed.

Our unequalled College faculty ensure that they get ready the next generation of professionals to keep pace with fast-changing global demands. They meticulously engage themselves in preparing critical and creative thinkers, problem solvers, more humane leaders who can communicate and collaborate ...to form responsible citizens who in solidarity with others will create a just Society .

Career-ready learning opportunities, and the culture in our campus attract students from India and abroad.  This expansion will allow us to accommodate many more versatile, adept and proficient candidates from other parts of the country and the world into this lyceum.

Our exertion has always been to provide the best to the students to develop innovative technologies to produce eminent leaders with a difference and to prepare them to take up the challenges of tomorrow. The students who have graduated from this Institution have been successfully placed in various technical grounds.

As the Dean of this college, I am delighted and enthused about the future of St. Annes Arts & Science College. The development of the college over past few years has been significant. With the blessings of Mother Thatipathri Gnanamma, and guidance of our more eminent and dynamic leader Rev. Mother Leema Rosario, Chairman of this college, I look forward to work with our efficient Principal, skilled faculties, intellectual students, remarkable alumni and faithful friends to lead our college to the highest point. 

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Thank You

Dean College Development