Department of English

Online Certificate Course - Introduction To Phonetics

After the completion of this course the students should be able to

l  Gives a systematic, conscious consideration of how speech sounds are made, what they sound like, and how they compare with each other.

l  Analyses an individual language to determine which sound units are used and which patterns they form.

l  Improves fluency and accent.

l  Helps in inducing a reading habit.


Unit I

What is Phonetics? -  Introduction to Vowel Sounds (long vowels and short vowels) Front vowel Back Vowel Middle vowels

Unit II

Introduction to Consonant Sounds Fricatives affricatives nasal plosives - approximants

Unit III

Diphthongs definition - 8 sounds examples

Unit IV

Word Transcription basics of transcription difference between word pronunciation and phonetic transcription

Unit V

Sentence Transcription Single sentences Paragraph Dialogue Transcription