M.Sc. Computer Science


M.Sc. Computer Science

First Semester

Course Components


Core Paper I

Design And Analysis of Algorithms

Core Paper II

Advanced JAVA Programming

Core Paper III

System Software

Core Paper IV

Practical I : Algorithm Lab

Core Paper V

Practical II : Advanced JAVA Lab


Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science


Soft Skill I

Second Semester

Course Components


Core Paper VI

Computer Networks

Core Paper VII

Digital Image Processing

Core Paper VIII

Practical III : RDBMS Lab

Elective I

Practical IV : Image Processing JAVA Lab

Elective II

Object Oriented Analysis And Design


Soft Skill II


Soft Skill III


4 to 6 weeks during the First Year Summer Vacation

Third Semester

Course Components


Core Paper IX

Principles of Compiler Design

Core Paper X

Information Security

Extra Disciplinary Elective

Artificial Intelligence

Elective II

Distributed Database System

Elective III

E Commerce

Core Paper XI

Practical V : Mini Project


Soft Skill IV

Fourth Semester

Course Components


Core Paper XII

Project and Viva - Voce