M.Com (General)

First Semester

Course Components


Core Paper I

Advanced Corporate Accounting & Accounting Standard

Core Paper II

Financial Management

Core Paper III

Organizational Behavior

Core Paper IV

Managerial Economics


Paper I : Customer Relationship Management


soft Skill I

Second Semester

Course Components


Core Paper V

Advanced Cost and Management Accounting

Core Paper VI

Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions

Core Paper VII

Marketing of Services


Paper II : Consumer Behavior

Extra Disciplinary Elective

Paper I : Total Quality Management


Soft Skill II


4 to 6 weeks during the First Year Summer Vacation

Third Semester

Course Components


Core Paper VII

Research Methodology

Core Paper IX

Knowledge Management

Core Paper X

Fundamentals of Information Technology


Paper III : Consumer Rights and Education


Paper IV: Advertising and Salesmanship

Extra Disciplinary Elective

Paper- II Business Ethics, Corporate Governance& Social Responsibility


Soft Skill III

Fourth Semester

Course Components


Core Paper XI

Management Information Systems

Core Paper XII

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Theory

Core Paper XIII

Merchant Banking and Financial Services

Core Paper XIV & XV

Project Plus Viva-Voce


Paper V : International Marketing


Soft Skill IV